It was 1966 when Tom Kemp first heard about the government CLAIMING THE ASSETS FROM estates of decedents whose heirs were missing or unknown. A lover of intrigue & research and determined to locate the rightful heirs to assets left behind, Tom began investigating cases in his home state of Florida.

Despite the long and tedious hours, Tom persisted in his quest and adopted as his credo the words of Winston Churchill: “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”

What started decades ago in Tom's modest garage is now a thriving business. Since that first case, we’ve connected thousands of estates with their rightful heirs. Tom retired in 1991, and his son Jeffrey, now president, moved the company to its current home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, Kemp & Associates continues Tom’s mission of returning people’s hard-earned assets to the families they leave behind.

Kemp & Associates is committed to reducing the number of estates claimed by the government to ensure that people’s hard-earned assets are shared with the families they leave behind. Our knowledgeable, dedicated, professional staff utilizes the most current and thorough research methods available to locate and verify an estate’s eligible heirs and beneficiaries to secure for them their rightful share of the estate.

Our corporate headquarters are located near the largest genealogical library in the world, the Family History Library. We also have our own extensive and continually growing research library and the latest in digital and online research tools at our disposal, as well as dozens of skilled researchers throughout the world. These resources allow us to compile evidence of heirship and construct legally admissible exhibits and genealogical charts available for use in court.