Daniel J. Mannix and Jeffrey L. Kemp on behalf of the employees of Kemp & Associates, proudly announce their charitable contribution to the Hope4Utah organization and their excellent work in the arena of suicide prevention. With the help of Kemp & Associates, Hope4Utah was able to travel to Washington, DC to present their HopeSquad model. They are now spreading their proven model of suicide intervention to multiple states throughout the U.S.

The K&A team came across this unique opportunity to help the community when Dan Mannix was contacted by Frank Feldman, the producer of the PBS documentary, “Hope Lives: Preventing Teen Suicide”.

Mr. Feldman was profiling the cases of several teens and one of them was a lacrosse player whom Dan Mannix had coached since he was in the third grade. Dan provided some lacrosse video for the movie and discussed his experience coaching Matt along with how he dealt with the end of this young man’s life. Frank Feldman then described the work of Dr. Greg Hudnall and how he was introducing “Hope Squads” to schools. The rest easily fell into place. Clearly this was an organization worth helping, so Kemp & Associates contacted Dr. Greg Hudnall and became a major sponsor for the Hope4Utah cause.

Kemp & Associates was formed at the grass roots level and took over 25 years to really develop. We firmly believe that some of the best things in America emerge from the local level. When we became aware of this peer-to-peer, school based, suicide prevention program, our firm felt obligated to help spread this program across the land. The charitable support of Kemp & Associates has now contributed to Hope Squads being introduced in many states around the country and in Canada.

If you want to find out more about this great program or perhaps wish to introduce it to a school near you, please check out the Hope4Utah website above.


Kemp & Associates are proud sponsors in the quest to find a cure for GAN. Giant Axonal Neuropathy attacks the nervous systems in children and is a significantly debilitating disease. This past summer, many people may recall the ALS water bucket campaign, which brought increased awareness to ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). GAN is most easily described as a form of ALS which attacks children. Jeffrey L. Kemp and Daniel J. Mannix on behalf of the staff of Kemp and Associates have chosen to support Hannah’s Hope in their quest to initiate the first clinical trial to help these struggling children.

The Hannah’s Hope Fund through their excellent and dedicated staff has fought a tireless battle to get the government to increase its research into GAN. Through their efforts and the inspiration of one of the strongest young ladies in the country, Hannah Sames, doctors are narrowing the search for a successful therapy. If you are interested in helping this beautiful cause, please visit the Hannah’s Hope site below: