Our services are designed to produce results. But you don’t have to take our word for it—below is a sampling of the feedback we have received from clients. The names have been altered or changed to protect the identity of the individuals involved with these estate matters. Kemp & Associates is always conscious of the threat of identity theft, and therefore gives paramount importance to the protection of its heirs.
Estate of James A. “I want to thank you for all your kindness, time and information regarding my third cousin’s estate. It’s sad that he didn’t have anyone close to him while alive. I never even knew he existed and I’m sure he didn’t know of me either. It’s all very fascinating and if it weren’t for people like you, I may never have known of him. I want you to know how much your firm is appreciated for what you do. Thanks again.” Juliet C., California

Estate of James G. “Thank you for all your help. You have been a very nice, professional firm to communicate with. That is hard to find these days, trust me. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that helps others. A lot of people, including myself at one time didn’t know this profession existed.” Diane S., Louisiana

Estate of Howard P. “I wish to thank John Bergquist and those who worked with him, for researching this case and the end-results. Your letters and phone calls made everything so easy for me in what I was required to do. I will be everlastingly grateful. Thank you.” Mildred F., New Jersey

Estate of Georgia P. “Thank you so much for the information regarding my second cousin’s estate. Her death certificate indicated that a friend reported her death. I was able to contact that friend by phone and learn a lot about her. This friend still has photos and keepsakes from her and will be sending them to me. It is so wonderful to be able to learn more about my family. Thanks to you, I have learned more about a very sweet cousin that I wish I had been able to know. You have helped us so much in filling out our family tree. Again, thanks to everyone at Kemp & Associates.” Deborah M., South Carolina

Estate of Ruth H. “This note is to thank you for your prompt attention to my request for a chronological account of my second cousin’s estate. The material is fascinating and I have spent hours recalling forgotten relatives. I don’t remember my grandmother talking about so many brothers and sisters. I sent a copy of the family tree to my brother. He will love it too. Again, thank you.” Ellen M., Hawaii

Estate of Gussie W. “I would like to thank you for the research and resulting check that you sent me. I realize that your company does this sort of thing for financial reasons but I can’t help but think it is helpful to a lot of people. Actually, it is like a gift from heaven.

As we are in our 80’s we want to stay in our home as long as possible and of course there are things that need to be kept up because you know one day you will have to sell. We are planning on updating our appliances in our kitchen and possibly a new furnace so we really appreciate the unexpected gift. Thanks again for all your hard work." Estella P., Washington

Estate of Carol V. “Thank you so much for ‘finding us.’ We kept in touch with our cousin for many years but then lost track of her. We received our check a week ago. It meant a lot to my husband since he has debilitating arthritis and had to retire early. God Bless You.” Evelyn T., Nebraska

Estate of Dennis K. “In March of 2007, my husband was contacted by Kemp & Associates regarding his uncle's estate. Their researchers found that he was an heir…we were unaware he had passed. Kemp & Associates did such a wonderful job taking care of all the legal paperwork, hired a lawyer locally and made sure that this was finalized in a timely manner. …Kemp & Associates and the local attorney were very diligent to take care of this. They were all very professional and wonderful. We can't thank them enough for such a great job. For anyone using Kemp & Associates services, you are in good hands. Thank you Jessica and Matt for all your hard work and compassion.” Mike and Gina H., Illinois